Episode #64: Doing the Work with Marta Johnson Lettofsky

This week have Marta Johnson Lettofsky on the Podcast! Marta is a kind and skilled pianist who has spent the last few years working with musicians to overcome performance anxiety and other artistic blocks. Plus, she has the chops to back it up. We have fun talking about hyper-sensitivity, our inner Nathan Explosion, and her favorite kinds of chocolate. Enjoy!

Episode #62: Doing the Work with Ashlee Hardgrave

Ashlee Hardgrave has made the journey out of Arkansas and into the fair metropolis that is Chicago. Not only did she uproot her life to pursue her dreams, but she did it with grace and kindness and continues to use her skills to help others. Ashlee is a fantastic singer, an arts administrator at UIC, and is currently the Artistic Director of Chicago’s vocal  art ensemble, VOX3. We talk about it all! And SNL, Arkansan River Valley Wine, and what it takes to survive music school! Enjoy!

And here’s the link to the Sturdy Barbie video!

Episode #61: Doing the Work with Jenny Schuler

This week we have Jenny Schuler on the podcast! Jenny is a charming and talented soprano who also happens to be an incredibly gifted graphic designer! We talk design, procrastination, and video games! Jenny is currently at the A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute at the North Carolina School of the Arts where you can see her in Ariadne auf Naxos and Florencia en el Amazonas next year. Enjoy!

Episode #60: Doing the Work with Michael Lea

Michael Lea is handsome. He also happens to be generous, kind, and hardworking. Michael Skypes in to Doing the Work to talk moving to L.A., the differences between the Midwest and the West Coast, and the controversies surrounding Chicago’s Profiles Theater. Oh, and Feminism. Michael wants to make sure you all know that he’s a Feminist. Like, really bad. I love you, Michael. Enjoy!

Here is the link to the Profiles Theater Article.

Episode #59: Doing the Work with Phillip Michael Scales

This week we have Phillip Michael Scales! Phillip is an incredibly hard-working and talented guitar player and singer/songwriter living in L.A. Not only are his songs inspired and poignant, but he’s a master showman that knows how to carry an audience into great time. We talk Berklee College of Music, capturing ideas, connecting with an audience, and keeping your head in the business. This is a great one. Enjoy!

Episode #57: Doing the Work with Opera Box Score

This week i engage in some jolly cooperation! I had the opportunity to guest host another opera podcast, Opera Box Score with George Cederquist and Tobias Wright (with substantial cameos from Oliver Camacho) OBS is a great podcast that blends opera news, gossip, and history with sports radio energy and organization. I had a great time talking about Yannick Nezet-Seguin’s new appointment to the met and taking the hardest “drop the needle” quiz of my life. Enjoy!

Episode #56: Doing the Work with Eric Staves

There is still incessant construction happening in my apartment building so no audio intro this week! But that doesn’t mean the episode is any less awesome! This week we have actor, Eric Staves! Eric worked with  Chicago Fringe Opera for our production of In the Penal Colony and we became fast friends. Eric is a talented actor who works in the Chicago theater scene as well as on T.V. and movies. Eric  has two movies coming out that we talk about as well as Ginger discrimination, acting for film, and why Nick Jonas is the coolest Jonas brother. Enjoy!