Episode #73: Doing the Work with Amy Hutchison

Amy Hutchison has been all over the world making art. Amy’s artistic vision led her to Chicago and she hasn’t looked back. We talk artistic vulnerability, emotional narratives, and why Chicago is the best city in the world for theater. Amy is directing Chicago Fringe Opera’s upcoming production of Missy Mazzoli and Royce Varek’s Song from the Uproar: The Lives and Deaths of Isabelle Eberhardt opening on October 28th. Visit www.chicagofringeopera.com for tickets and information. Enjoy!

Episode #72: Bernard Holcomb Returns!

Bernard is an inspiration. As always, he is a pillar of positivity and a beacon of creative thought. Our conversations remind me that being human is perfectly ok, that our flaws make us interesting, and that we should hold onto our plans with a very light grip. This is our second conversation on the podcast and we go even deeper into our fears and our hopes for the future. You can see Bernard in COT’s The Love Potion for one more performance at the Music Box Theater on Oct. 9th. Go do the things!

Episode #71: Doing the Work with Jane Hulburt

This week we have Jane Hulburt! Jane is the Manager of Artistic Operations at Chicago Opera Theater and she is a singer’s best friend! Jane and I talk teaching, D’angelo, late night jazz sessions, and how to get re-hired at an opera company. We also talk about COT’s upcoming production of Frank Martin’s The Love Potion that opens on Sept. 30th at The Music Box Theater. For tickets and info go to www.cot.org. Plus, you get to see past DTW guests Cassidy Smith, Patrick Dean Shelton, and Bernard Holcomb! Go get your tickets! Enjoy!

Episode #70: Doing the Work with VOiCEtalKs

VOiCEtalKs is a new opera podcast hosted by Zack Singerman and it’s the real deal. In-depth talk about the technique of singing and the in and outs of an artistic life. Zack is kind, smart and dedicated to bringing a positive influence to our community. Zack asked me to be a guest on VOiCEtalKs and this episode is the result. Follow his podcast on Facebook and go like and subscribe on ITunes! Enjoy!

Episode # 69: Doing the Work with Diana Stoic

This week we have Diana Stoic on the podcast! Diana is a killer soprano, mother, and Romanian folk music enthusiast. Diana is performing in Chicago Fringe Opera’s Season Opening Gala on Sunday, September 25 with Jessie Lyons, Ashley Armstrong, and Michael Mcelvain. Tickets are available at www.chicagofringeopera.com. Diana and I talk DMMO, potty training, and Shakespeare’s heroines. Enjoy!

Episode #68: Doing the Work with Shannon McGinnis

This week Shannon McGinnis and I celebrate the start of The Collaborative Arts Institute of Chicago’s Collaborative Works Festival that begins tonight! 4 days of wonderful music, poetry, and AMAZING artists! Shannon is so kind and funny and walks us through the inception of CAIC, gives us some practice tips, and we both geek out over Gerald Moore and the millions of other artists that have shaped our musical identities. Visit www.caichicago.org for tickets and info! Enjoy!

Episode #66: Doing the Work with Matt Boresi

Matt Boresi is hilarious and too freaking smart! Matt is one half of the composition duo Hilliard and Boresi and is responsible for the librettos of many contemporary operas being performed all over the country. Chicago’s own Third Eye Theater Ensemble is putting on his work, The Filthy Habit, at the Chicago Fringe Festival on September 3rd, 5th, and 9th. We talk about that show, angry Strauss, beer, and why Da Ponte and Boito are literary gunslingers. Enjoy!

Episode #64: Doing the Work with Marta Johnson Lettofsky

This week have Marta Johnson Lettofsky on the Podcast! Marta is a kind and skilled pianist who has spent the last few years working with musicians to overcome performance anxiety and other artistic blocks. Plus, she has the chops to back it up. We have fun talking about hyper-sensitivity, our inner Nathan Explosion, and her favorite kinds of chocolate. Enjoy!