Doing the Work with Oliver Camacho

Episode #10: Doing the Work with Oliver Camacho

Happy 10th episode!!! This week we talk with Oliver Camacho of the OperaNow! Podcast. He is endearing and intelligent and was a blast to chat with. We talk about the BAMFs of early music recording, our musicological dreamboats (i.e. why I feel about Philip Gossett the way I used to feel about Batman), and all the things that are wrong with my Podcast! Oliver tears up at the mention of Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio Quartet and we have some beautifully sincere moments. And the Blackhawks won! Go Team!

Also check out Oliver’s work with The Liederstube and Vox3! They’re making some killer art that you should throw your attendance and money at! Support live and local singing!

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