Episode #25: Doing the Work with Rose Freeman

We have Rose Freeman on the Podcast! Rose is an immensely talented Stage Director and a very approachable human being. She speaks intelligently about Henrik Ibsen, red wine, and yachting. What more could you want? We also talk about Third Eye Theater Ensemble’s upcoming production of Sumeida’s Song and the pitfalls of performing new opera. The show runs from October 23rd to November 8th at the Prop Theater on Elston Ave. Tickets are available at www. thirdeyete.com

One thought on “Episode #25: Doing the Work with Rose Freeman”

  1. Getting caught up on missed episodes. Love this discussion, but wonder why it has to be couched in either/or mode. Is performance a zero-sum game? Is there not room for the archival and the innovative. There are plenty of worship services with Christian Contemporary Music. Is there not room for one congregation that preserves the ancient style of Choir Quartet, especially if it nourishes the spirit of those who love it? Sure, there is. It’s like the fight between ereading and hardcopy books. Can’t we all get along and admit there is room for both?

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