Episode #2: Doing the Work with Christopher Remmel

In episode #2 of Doing the Work we talk with Chris Remmel! We chat about vocal stamina, coloratura, the clarinet, and why Lohengrin is a horrible first opera. We also play another rousing round of “Have We Started Yet?” as well getting very excited about a food truck that only serves french fires. Chris also fires back at me with one of the most poignant questions i’ve been asked so far.

A few corrections from the episode: We know that Mahler wrote Das Lied von der Erde. We were thinking of Hindemith’s Die Harmonie der Welt. Braden Jones’ french fry truck is called Frites Street, not the Frites truck. Go eat there. It’s delicious. And when we were talking about California’s Prop 9 we definitely meant Prop 8, not the California Victim’s Bill of Rights also known as Marsy’s law. Sweet. Enjoy!

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