Episode #10: Doing the Work with Oliver Camacho

Happy 10th episode!!! This week we talk with Oliver Camacho of the OperaNow! Podcast. He is endearing and intelligent and was a blast to chat with. We talk about the BAMFs of early music recording, our musicological dreamboats (i.e. why I feel about Philip Gossett the way I used to feel about Batman), and all the things that are wrong with my Podcast! Oliver tears up at the mention of Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio Quartet and we have some beautifully sincere moments. And the Blackhawks won! Go Team!

Also check out Oliver’s work with The Liederstube and Vox3! They’re making some killer art that you should throw your attendance and money at! Support live and local singing!

Episode #7: Doing the Work with Scott Brunscheen

In Episode #7 Scott Brunscheen and I talk A LOT about booze! Then we move on to more sensible topics like do-it-yourself opera, arts education, and why Chicago is the best city in the world. Then we get real about our hopes and dreams for the future of opera in this city and why doing your work your way is important for everyone. We’re all in this together, guys!

Chicago Fringe Opera‘s Lakeside Soiree is tomorrow! Get your tickets here and come enjoy the show and help us make our new season happen! You’re gonna like it, I promise!

Episode #6: Doing the Work with Sara Schabas

In this episode of Doing the Work, Sara Schabas and I talk about music and outreach and practice and we get slightly nerdy about pens and stationary. I still haven’t found my stationary soul mate. If you love fountain pens and good paper and you’re a musician, hit me up on the social medias! I really want to geek out with you!

Also: Check out Sara’s Charities Songs by Heart and Sharing Notes! Lot’s of cool stuff!


Episode #4: Doing the Work with Louise Rogan

In Episode 4 of Doing the Work Louise Rogan and I talk about learning the title role in Bizet’s Carmen and what it’s like to do a cover run with almost no rehearsal! We also talk about building a character from the ground up, playing with meta-theater, singing in an all girl pop band in England, and how we love our dogs more than a normal person should. We also play a wonderful game of “What are you listening to?” and “Is your dog instagram famous?” Continue reading Episode #4: Doing the Work with Louise Rogan

Episode #3: Doing the Work with Alyssa Arrigo

In Episode #3 of Doing the Work Alyssa Arrigo and I talk about what it’s like to be a musician in high school, the importance of doing music on your own terms, how to stay mentally engaged during performance, and what happens when you eat to many bananas.

Also visit Chicago Fringe Opera for tickets and info about our upcoming Lakeside Soiree where you’ll get the chance to see Alyssa and I in action.

Enjoy the Episode!

Episode #2: Doing the Work with Christopher Remmel

In episode #2 of Doing the Work we talk with Chris Remmel! We chat about vocal stamina, coloratura, the clarinet, and why Lohengrin is a horrible first opera. We also play another rousing round of “Have We Started Yet?” as well getting very excited about a food truck that only serves french fires. Chris also fires back at me with one of the most poignant questions i’ve been asked so far. Continue reading Episode #2: Doing the Work with Christopher Remmel

Episode #1: Doing the Work with Cassidy Smith

In the inaugural episode of Doing the Work Cassidy and I talk about what goes on in the practice room, how to make Handel super sexy, and how to file your taxes when your school doesn’t care about ethical accounting. Also up for conversation: Colorado, skiing, whether or not I’ve pushed the record button, how to sing the same words over and over and over again and not be bored out of your mind, as well as Cassidy making us all ashamed that we don’t practice as much as her!