Episode #92: Doing the Work with Jacquelyn Stucker

This week we have Jacquelyn Stucker on the podcast! Jacquelyn is a fantastic soprano who just finished her DMA at the New England Conservatory, is spending her summer at Santa Fe Opera, and will be moving the London in the fall to join the Jette Parker Young Artist Program at the Royal Opera House. Intimidated yet? Don’t be! Jacquelyn is so kind and funny and we had a blast chatting about translation, conflict stomach, and falling in love with music over and over again! Enjoy!

Photo by Andrew Bogard

Episode #91: Doing the Work with Justin Werner

This week we have Justin Werner on the podcast! Justin is one of the co-founders of Couret & Werner Artist Management and the founder of New York Opera Exchange. He and I sit down to talk about transitioning from singer to artist manager, artist specialization, and the role of management in making the art world a better place. Justin is kind and eloquent and I had a blast talking with him. Enjoy!

Episode #90: Doing the Work with Ashley Kay Armstrong

This week we have Ashley Kay Armstrong on the Podcast! Ashley currently stars in Chicago Fringe Opera’s Lucrezia at the Chopin Theater. You have two more chances to see Ashley kill it in this show: May 11th and 13th. Use offer code JOIN@50 for $20 tickets to the May 11th performance. Ashley and I talk about opera characters, yoga, and the realities of the patriarchy. Enjoy!

Episode #88: Doing the Work with Matthew Peckham

This week we have Matt Peckham on the podcast! In addition to being a talented and hard-working singer, Matt is a founder of the Chicago Vocal Arts Consortium, a community of musicians and educators that exists to create a supportive community and subsidize continuing education for Chicago singing artists. Matt and I talk about CVAC’s life-philosophy and up-coming projects as well as music education, the new revolution in opera, the musical middle class, and Pokemon GO! Enjoy!

Episode #86: Doing the Work with Bernard Holcomb and Cecilia Violetta Lopez

This week we have Bernard Holcomb and Cecilia Violetta Lopez! These two just starred in Loft Opera’s production of Rossini’s Otello and it was a smash hit! Devotees of the podcast will remember Bernard, and on his recommendation, I sat down with Cecilia. She’s so great! We talk Music Ed degrees, Forgetting Words, and Beverly Sills on Sesame Street. Enjoy!

Episode #84: Doing the Work with Dennis Kalup and Aaron Wardell

This week we have Dennis Kalup and Aaron Wardell! Devotees of the podcast will remember Aaron from EPISODE #9!!!! Back when we were babies… Aaron and I sit down with Dennis to talk Auditioning, Failure, and taking bets on how many times we’ll get interrupted while recording! The three of us are currently making art in Gilbert and Sullivan Chicago’s production of Iolanthe which opens on March 10th at Mandel Hall on the University of Chicago Campus. Tickets and Info at www.gilbertandsullivanoperacompany.org Plus! Dave Govertsen drops by to say hello! Enjoy!

Episode #83: Doing the Work with Bethany Brautigam

We’re back! With new intro music and Bethany Brautigam! Bethany, I’m sorry it took so long to post this. You’re wonderful. Bethany and I chat music, personal training, and the world under our new governmental regime. Bethany is so charming, smart, and productive! Follow her on FB and Insta for a deeper look into her work, her ideology, and dating mis-adventures! Enjoy!

Episode #83: Doing the Work with Claire DiVizio

This week we chat with Claire DiVizio from Thompson Street Opera! Claire is a great singer and innovative administrator who recently moved her opera company here to Chicago. We talk championing modern music, relocating for work, and why Detroit is still a killer city for art. Come see Thompson Street’s production of Philip Thompson’s The Final Battle for Love at The Raven Theater next weekend! Performances run January 19th-22nd. I’m in it and it’s about Wrestling! Enjoy!