Episode #21: Doing the Work with Michelle Eppley

This week’s episode is with Michelle Eppley, owner and operator of The Sound Center! She is an incredibly talented speech pathologist as well as a towering beacon of openness and positivity. Our conversation spans vocal health, concentric circles of comfortability, and using a cocktail straw to save your voice. We also dig into some talk about her dissertation on vowel nasality. Real nerdy stuff in the best of ways!

Michelle is giving a webinar on September 11th through the University of Chicago Women’s Business Group called “Turn Your Accent into an Asset” where she will be working with people who feel that their accents are holding them back in any way. If you feel the same then tune in! Tickets are only $10!

This episode is great! Enjoy!

Episode #20: Doing the Work with George Cederquist

In this week’s episode of Doing the Work we talk with Opera Director George Cederquist! George is awesome and handsome and nice and very VERY talented. We talk life, art, music, kids, hockey, and podcasts. He was very generous with his time and insights and I know you’ll have fun listening to our conversation.

Go see George’s work with Chicago Fringe Opera or at gjcederquist.carbonmade.com! If you’re an opera company, hire him and give him all your money!

Dig in and enjoy!


Episode #19: Doing the Work with Elyse Kakacek

This week’s episode is with Elyse Kakacek! Elly is a bright-hearted and talented soprano who splits her time between singing, teaching, yoga, and being a positive force for good in the universe. Our conversation runs far and wide between topics like “is it all really worth it?”, “why can’t we make every moment magical?”, “can a person truly change the world?”, and “is it possible to sing so well that you become a werewolf?” She is certainly doing the work and you can tell in this episode. Enjoy!

Also check in with Chicago Fringe Opera for Elly’s run in Britten’s Turn of the Screw September 26th through October 24th. It’s gonna get weird!

Episode #18: Doing the Work with Errin Brooks

Errin Brooks is contagiously funny and incredibly sincere. We spend an hour talking about the National Association of Negro Musicians, how to stay motivated when you’re not feeling your best, and Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse. Roadhouse is the best movie. It just is. Errin is kind and hilarious and a joy to hang out with so I know you’ll enjoy this episode as much as I do. Enjoy!

Episode 17: Doing the Work with Dave Govertsen

This week we talk with the hardest working musician in Chicago, Dave Govertsen. Dave is such a great musician and such a kind individual. We talk about musicianship/musicality, The Simpsons, how their baby already has a more impressive resume than me, and why it pays to be able to learn difficult music. But above all, we talk about preparation. Dave is a monolithic pillar of awesome and I am so lucky to have had the time with him.

Dave has a lot of gigs coming up that we talk about. Basically, if you go see music in Chicago, he’s in it.

Episode #16: Doing the Work with DJ McRoberts

Everyone! I got DJ to do my show! Dj was a magnificent guest and it was so cool to get to catch up with him and have a nice conversation for all of you to hear! DJ is the head of production for the Van Buren Fine Arts Center in Van Buren, Arkansas as well as being a kick ass musician and an overall renaissance dude! He paints, he builds sets, and he also plays the sax all while being kind and just really, really great. We talk about music theater, audio engineering, playing sax, meeting your heroes, and why traveling to Chicago on St. Patrick’s day is probably a bad idea. Listen up and enjoy!

Episode #15: Doing the Work with Billy Dwyer and Jason Carlson

This week we talk with Billy Dwyer and Jason Carlson! They might be the next great comedy duo. All I’m saying is that Jason might be the world’s greatest musical straight man. They also happen to be amazing musicians and wonderfully insightful people. We talk about staging overtures, getting stabbed in the throat by broken glass, Albert Herring, and how to be a scientist in the practice room. And we pull the train into Compliment Station for Valerie Vinzant. Enjoy!

Oh… and here’s the video Billy talks about. Feel free to cry a little…

Episode #13: Doing the Work with Sara Stock

This week we have our first non-musician! Sara Stock is a graduate of the Conservatory at Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago and a fellow Apron Person at Howells and Hood on Michigan Avenue. We talk about auditioning, losing self, fear and anger, and how to let a lifelong dream die with grace and gentility. We also talk a lot about her bulldog Charles. Because, let’s face it, dogs are cooler than people. Oh, and we detour to a nice long conversation about cheese guest starring the incomparable Tamecia Harris!